Lazy days in Santorini

November 25, 2014


It is quite hard to look though these photos and resist the urge to book a flight back. There was so much about Greece that I loved, the food, the people, the ocean. We spent about 3 weeks in Greece last year and 5 of those days were spent in the volcanic island of Santorini.


Georgia Fowler X Triangl

November 23, 2014


Georgia Fowler X Triangl. One of our favourite kiwi models Georgia Fowler in the latest campaign for Australia swimwear label Triangl.


Travelling the (Fashion) World with On Abbot Kinney / First Stop: Paris

November 22, 2014


There are many reasons to travel. For some it’s all about soaking up those luxurious rays, for others high priority is placed on the exploration of history and, more-so important, for others is  the need to be immersed in the culture, to rub shoulders with ‘the people’.


While the fashion-world is undoubtedly an increasingly globalised one, arguably, there are notable cultural differences among it’s active – for lack of a better word – inhabitants.

New York based Global Fashion Photographer, Michael Dumler (On Abbot Kinney), is the ultimate Fashion World Travel Guide. Travelling from city-to-city, from within country-to-country, to capture  the evolution of fashion and it’s people.


Dumler, as featured on the coffeetographer.

Through his website, On Abbot Kinney, Dumler has kindly agreed to share the fashion world with us. First stop… Paris!


“I’ve found in my two years on Abbot Kinney that the people that attract my eye often have amazing stories that inspire me and enrich my life. With this in mind I hope to share with you what I see and am inspired by.

These are the stories I capture everyday, I hope you find yours.”

- Michael Dumler aka On Abbot Kinney, via White Lies.

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You can find the above images here.

The Spaghetti Strap

November 16, 2014


katemossminimalad moss-1 Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 12.32.39 pm street-style-spaghetti-straps-3 street-style-spaghetti-straps-dress WAN_1843.450x675

That barely there lifeline, such a thin piece of fabric is the only thing that keeps you from loosing it all. The spaghetti strap takes me back to the 90’s.


Take me back

November 14, 2014

ShanayHall_1_extra_large_1032x698 ShanayHall_2_extra_large_1032x698 ShanayHall_3_extra_large_1032x698 ShanayHall_5_extra_large_1032x698

Always admiring Russh magazines editorials. That natural imperfect styling and a nod to photography captured on a 35mm. Take me back to those days.

Shanay, an stunny editorial shot by Denise Bodden with model Shanay Hall.

See more here.




In Awe

November 11, 2014

I recently stumbled across images of sass and bide co-founder and creative genius, Heidi Middleton’s, (previous) Palm beach pad and I’m in awe. Complete and utter, absolute awe.

Minimalistic, saturated in pure white, ample sunlight and seemingly endless ocean views. Tasteful and timeless; my kind of perfection.



Not-to-mention the location. Situated in the beautiful, iconic Palm beach, which is most commonly recognised for it’s picturesque surroundings, laid-back vibes and as the back-drop for Australian soap veteran, Home and Away.

19-389x600113-389x600 (1)44-574x424

After almost 20 years, Middleton recently departed the heavy-weight label (and Australia altogether), choosing to embark on an entirely new adventure with her young family. Co-founder Sarah Jane-Clarke also opted for a change of lifestyle, leaving the brand in the trusted hands of up-market Australian department store chain, Myer (more information here).



Reportedly, Ms Middleton (and co) left for a year abroad in Paris – undoubtedly a (beautiful) contrast – and is as optimistic as ever;

“I’m excited to be walking into the unknown and I’m enjoying this freedom. I feel quite calm about the future so it’s quite open to the universe right now” (Vogue).


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       And god-knows the universe loves a do-er. I look forward to being equally as jealous of her Paris-pad – watch this space!

123-389x600“Keep it simple. Meditate. Love more” - Middleton/The File161-389x60063-389x600

All images sourced from The File. Photography by Ben Sullivan.

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Karen Walker

November 8, 2014


She is most properly the most  internationally well known New Zealander Designer, Karen Walker. Who recently celebrating the Karen Walker eyewear range’s 10th birthday in Sydney. She shared with Vogue a few insider tips for those budding designers. One of those points stayed with me.


Portofino, Italy

November 6, 2014



The beautiful swim spot in Portofino. The image really does it justice.


On the way into Portofino.


When in Italy.

Tornnlife_portofino_09   Tornnlife_portofino_06 Tornnlife_portofino_05 Tornnlife_portofino_04 Tornnlife_portofino_03 Tornnlife_portofino_02

The beautiful Cinque Terre town of Vernazza below.



Most definitely one of my favourite spots that we discovered during our Summer Europe trip in 2013. Yes, this is way over due, over a year since myself and my man backpacked across Europe. We were based in Genoa and had planned to see the old fishing villages of Cinque Terre (we ended up calling it Cheeky Terry, we were told to many different variations of how to pronounce it) and Portofino. Cinque Terre such a beautiful and popular place but we couldn’t go past Portofino, so much so we cut our trip short to Cinque Terre and rushed back to our swimming spot in Portofino.

While Portofino is known as an upmarket holiday spot with luxury yachts dotted throughout, we found it to be small quiet and relaxing. Such a lovely place to explore with the historic coloured buildings, beautiful restaurants and the swimming spots. There is one image of Portofino I must of seen a million times and that was our swim spot.

I would go back in a heartbeat.

All images are my own.

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She Made Me

November 4, 2014

There’s nothing better than the knowledge of having custom made, original pieces. Made with pride, to be worn with pride.

8_86 (1)

Introducing local (Sydney) designer, Chloe Dunlop, and her un-ignorable swimwear label, She Made Me.

Think classic crochet, in the form of both bikinis and one-pieces. Handmade, hand-dyed and hand-decorated, like they did back in the days.

With all variables considered it’s not wonder numbers are limited, making the collection all-the-more unique.

With She Made Me’s newest collection, Horizen, set to be released mid-November, it’s the perfect time to start securing both favourites and strategy. Because I’m fairly certain that these little beauties wont be hanging around for long.


1_1186_932_1174_1077_803_104Images sourced from Oyster. Photography by Ryan Kenny.

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Pastel Hues: Bradley Hankey

November 2, 2014

tumblr_n91k6vphnh1qa4iv8o1_500 tumblr_n91k6vphnh1qa4iv8o2_500 tumblr_n91k6vphnh1qa4iv8o3_500 tumblr_n91k6vphnh1qa4iv8o4_500 tumblr_n91k6vphnh1qa4iv8o5_500

Lately I have been coming across stunning pastel coloured images. Be it either a painting or a photograph. Snap shot of Summer.

This one is by the talented Bradley Hankey. Click here to have a look at some more of his work.

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